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Baggage Lockers

Tired of carrying your luggage?

Need a baggage locker service?

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Do you have time until your departure, which you could take advantage of by taking a walk in the city or doing your various chores without having to carry your luggage?

Do you transport fragile products that need special treatment? (eg food, medicine, etc.)

TravelSpot is here to make it easier for you!

Baggage Lockers in 3 simple steps.

Step 1

Delivery of luggage at our place or collection of luggage from a place of your choice.

What is required?
Identification document (ID / Passport / Driver’s License)

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Step 2

Storage of your luggage in our facilities.

What is required?

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Your trust! Our company has been active in the field of baggage management and storage (travel cargo and cargo) since 1993, having served countless passengers, travelers and passers-by, always offering reliable services and solutions at low prices.

Step 3

Receipt of your luggage from our facilities or delivery to your place.

What is required?

Demonstration of luggage voucher and identification document.