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Greece starts opening while Kalymnos island stays locked down over COVID-19

Just as Greece further relaxed an already lenient COVID-19 lockdown that has seen almost near-normal activity, the Dodecanese island of Kalymnos near Turkey’s coast was shut down for five days because of a rise in cases.
The island is famed for its sponge divers, many of whom settled in the Florida town of Tarpon Springs, and the lockdown came as the New Democracy government is going to open the country wider to tourists on May 15, those who have been vaccinated or have a negative Coronavirus test.
The Civil Protection Ministry said it was imposing a lockdown on the Aegean island from through May 10 “for urgent reasons of serious risk to public health” and to limit the spread of the virus, said Reuters..
The restrictions mean that residents will only be allowed to leave their homes for workplaces that remain open, to visit the doctor or pharmacy, to walk their pets, or for supermarket shopping until 6 p.m.
Other restrictions include the suspension of construction work and religious ceremonies, excluding funerals with up to nine people.
Residents are only permitted to leave for health reasons, the news agency said.
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Original article: Greece starts opening while Kalymnos island stays locked down over COVID-19.

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