Travel documents

Passport and visa

Make sure you have a valid passport at the time of booking. If you need a visa for your final destination and, if necessary, a stopover / airport transfer visa, it is also your responsibility to obtain them. You are responsible for covering any expenses that may arise if you do not have valid documents with you.

If you have an old-fashioned ID, you will need to bring your passport with you.

All travel to or through the United States requires an ESTA Certified Passport and a machine-readable passport.

For all travel to / from Canada, all visa-free persons must apply for the eTA (Electronic Travel Permit).

There are special requirements for booking a return trip when traveling to certain countries. You have the responsibility to cross-check this with the country's embassy and the airline concerned.

Before booking tickets, do not forget to check the regulations in force in the country of departure and arrival, as well as make sure that you have gathered all the documents required for small travelers.


Generally, children traveling abroad need to have their own passport or ID (for EU or Schengen flights). For domestic flights, your child may travel with a passport, ID (if over 12 years old) or a health booklet or birth certificate *.

The documents you will need are (the following list is not exhaustive because it depends on your destination):

ID card
Residency permit

* Attention, the birth certificate must have a passport-sized photo and be certified by a police department or a state/public authority.


You have the responsibility to make sure you have all the vaccinations done and that you have completed all the other required travel formalities to the country you plan to visit. You must pay any costs associated with the above.

Before your trip, make sure that all the documents related to your trip are valid, appropriate.

In case one parent travels with the child, it is recommended to bring a Responsible Statement (certified by a Public Authority such as Police Department, Embassy, Consulate etc.) through which the other parent approves the trip. In case the child is accompanied by an adult other than the parents, the Responsible Declaration is recommended to be signed by both parents. For international flights, it is recommended, if you wish, to have a Statutory declaration with you (this should be in English).