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Travel Insurance

Why should I purchase Travel Insurance?

travel insuranceWhy Insurance?

Why should I purchase Travel Insurance?

There is an increased risk of incidents occurring when you are away from home. Moreover, the fact that you are in unknown surroundings makes the whole process much more difficult to deal with. Social Security as well as private companies provide limited coverage; there are many services that are not included such as medical repatriation, loss of luggage etc..


When and how?

When can I purchase Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance can be purchased at anytime, even one day prior to your departure. The cancellation insurance can be purchased within 48 hours of your trip booking, at the latest. The purchase can be completed online via our website.

How can I purchase my Travel Insurance?

Follow our website’s quote steps. Get your Quote HERE … Fill out your trip details, get your quote online, fill out the mandatory fields and receive your policy via email in just a few minutes.


Travel Insurance Solutions

Are you traveling for work or leisure and would like to have coverage as if you had a person of your own everywhere? Have you prepaid the cost of the trip and are worried about canceling it for unforeseen reasons and losing your money? Travel assistance programs will relieve you of the stress of having to move to unfamiliar environments in the event of an emergency and will compensate you in the event of cancellation.

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