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TravelSpot.gr was founded in 2013 as a continuation of the travel agency Xenios Zeus, which was located at the Passenger Port of Piraeus (Gate E7 Passenger Terminal). After 20 years of presence in the travel and tourism market, always following the suggestions of our customers, we decided, through a careful process of planning, recruitment and scheduling preparation, to enter the market for internet travel services.

Boat tickets, airfare, bus tickets, train tickets, luggage lockers, boat trips and water sports, food and drink, other, transport, tours, outdoor activities, archaeological excursions, day trips, guided tours and rentals, wine tours & tastings, boat rentals, private excursions, taxis and buses, city tours, multi-day excursions, money transfer, guided tours.

Ferry Tickets, Air Tickets, Bus Tickets, Train Tickets, baggage lockers, Boat Tours & Water Sports, Food & Drink, Other, Transportation, Tours, Outdoor Activities, Archaeology Tours, Day Trips, Self-Guided Tours & Rentals, Wine Tours & Tastings , Boat Rentals, Private Tours, Taxis & Shuttles, City Tours, Multi-day Tours, Money Transfers, guided tours.

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In the modern tourism market

Today we constantly aim to provide travelers around the world with unique services, useful tools and accurate information about where they are already and the destination they intend to visit and explore.

Through our extensive network of partners around the world and our experienced staff, the travelspot.gr, offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet the needs and expectations of travelers, starting from simple travel tips that extend to more sophisticated and specialized services such as advanced travel planning, air travel tickets, ferry tickets, tours, cruises, baggage handling, escort, car rentals, accommodation reservations, interpretation services, communication facilities, money transfers and many other customized travel services.

Last but not least, through the travelspot.gr website, travelers can find a variety of high-quality travel products and specialized equipment for their trip. Our facilities, located at the port of Piraeus, are adapted to welcome travelers from all over the world. Every day we serve an average of more than 100 repeat customers and provide solutions to more than 200 guests.

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