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AP: Cyprus President reveals “ambitious” economic stimulus plan

Αssociated Press reports from Nicosia that Cyprus’ president on Monday unveiled a 4.4 billion-euro ($5.34 billion) economic stimulus plan, which he described as the “most ambitious ever” in the country’s 61-year history as an independent republic.
Nicos Anastasiades said the five-pronged plan is projected to add another 7% to the gross domestic product over the next five years and at least 11,000 new jobs in the European Union member country with a population of approximately 875,000.id.
Anastasiades said the plan would draw 1.2 billion euros in funding from the EU-approved Recovery and Resilience program, 1.8 billion euros from the EU’s Structural and Investment Funds as well as a projected 1.4 billion euros in private investment or collaborations between the private and public sectors.
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Original article: AP: Cyprus President reveals “ambitious” economic stimulus plan.

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